Sound Light Color is set up to provide the best opportunities to create and expose. The creative room is 100m2 big, divided in stations of 3m2x3m2. The vast opening hours allow the room not to be occupied at the same times. The internet connection is free and available in both rooms. Chillout area where to grab a cup of coffee or tea from the house. Sanitary facilities are near the chillout area, one for men one for women. A place to store the finish paint is also available. There is also a Garden side, with enough space to paint and seat in the sun.

What Sound Light Color like to recreats:

Sound Light Color would like to recreate those old type of Ateliers where painters would gather to paint, and share their thoughts, experiences and inspirations.

In two large rooms with a small sitting room in the center, Sound Light Color restores this wonderful and evocative reality. 
The space also welcomes those who are interested in art and would like to buy or commission paintings.
The main entrance functions as a gallery open to the public during the day.

The second room, with a second entrance that leads to a garden, is the creative room, where painters have 24 hours access.